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Family donates historic tavern furnishings to Wisconsin Historical Society

Posted at 7:30 PM, Nov 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-06 20:30:51-05

OLD ASHIPPUN, WI - A tavern that hasn’t changed in a hundred years will soon be dismantled and parts of it preserved.
“It’s the best thing that could’ve happened," Barbara Lund said. 

Wittnebell's Tavern once coupled as Lund's home. The tavern was opened in 1906 by Frank Wittnebel, Lund's grandfather, and it was connected to his house. The home stayed in the family and was operated for over 80 years.  

Lund's father ran the bar until 1987 and she, along with her brothers and sisters, would often assist when needed. Her mother, Lorraine, lived in the home until she passed away in February. Now, the family is selling the home and donating original furnishings and fixtures from the bar. 

“The reality that this bar will continue in another venue [is] exciting for me," Lund said. 

"[My mother and sister] would be ecstatic because no one realized, I think, how much value was there," she also said. 

Ten bar stools, the oak front bar, the back bar with a mirror, and the wooden walk-in beer cooler will soon be on display at the Wisconsin Historical Society. Something Lund said she wishes her mother and late sister were alive to witness. 

“To get that kind of positive feedback from a life that at all other counts seemed pretty modest seems powerful," Lund said. 

“It’s a great time," she also said.