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Family: 6-year-old witnessed death of parents found dead in Green Bay home, called police

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Posted at 11:09 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 12:44:58-04

GREEN BAY, Wis. (NBC 26) — At just 31 years old, Missy Lemerond was always there for family in a time of need.

"My sister is like my go-to person, because she's like perfect and I'm not," sister Shelly Lemerond said. "So anything I needed help with, I could call and ask her."

But her family says Missy was in need herself.

"She was scared of Walter," Missy's mother Cindy Gulmire said. "She did tell me she was scared of him."

Police say they're investigating two deaths between an estranged couple at a Green Bay home that took place on Monday.

Law enforcement has not identified the people involved and haven't described what they believe happened. But police did refer to help that's available for domestic violence.

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Missy leaves behind two young boys.

Gulmire says one of the two people who died was her daughter Missy.

"The children witnessed what happened," Gulmire said. "They were there."

Missy leaves behind two young boys. Gulmire says 6-year-old Emmett recalls the moment his parents died right in front of him and he even called 911.

Court records show Missy filed for divorce back in late March.

"I believe if he couldn't have her, he figured nobody could have her including his children, which is a very selfish ******* thing," Gulmire said.

Court records also show Missy pursued a restraining order against her husband, and was granted one temporarily the same day she filed for divorce.

NBC 26 also spoke to a woman who said the man who is dead in this case was her son. She said her son Walter was in a bitter custody battle over the couple's children. But she said the family didn't know the extent of his mental state.

"I think people should be aware of mental illness and the fact that my sister was living at the Golden House," Shelly Lemerond said.

While police continue to investigate, Missy's children are living with their grandmother.

"I have to raise her babies for her, because she's not here to raise her babies anymore," Gulmire said. "She was loved. She loved everybody. She loved her sons more than anything in the world."

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A GoFundMefor Missy's memorial service and child care has been set up.

A GoFundMefor Missy's memorial service and child care has been set up.