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Ex-DOC officer resigns amid sexual assault of a child charges

Posted at 9:30 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 22:30:35-04

Department of Corrections officer 51-year-old Reynaldo Rosalez resigned Wednesday, after being charged with second-degree sexual assault.  He is accused of inappropriately touching a 10-year-old girl. 

The D.O.C. said Rosalez was a parole and probation officer in Milwaukee.  Records show he supervised sex offenders.

Nikki Lieblang knows both the child and suspect. 

"Of anybody this is a person that should know better what happens to victims," said Lieblang.  "I was completely shocked this is somebody that's been involved in our life for quite some time."

The criminal complaint detailed how Rosalez inappropriately touched the victim earlier this month in the Brown Deer home the two shared with the victim's mother. At one time, Lieblang also lived with them. 

"This is somebody that she loved.  That she trusted," said Lieblang.

The complaint said the victim's mom was sleeping when Rosalez made his move.  The victim told investigators "she was scared to tell him to stop because she has heard that people who drink alcohol can become violent." She hid and "pretended she was asleep," but the suspect "stood near her bed" and continued touching her. 

"Her mother would talk to her about what would happen if somebody would touch you if bad things happen so that we were able to find out about this immediately before anything else happened to her or any other child," said Lieblang. 

The complaint said the 10-year-old told her mom "because if she did not tell the truth this could keep happening and nobody would know."  

"It's just important that people don't think oh this could never happen to me cause in a million years I never thought it would happen to this beautiful little girl," said Lieblang. 

Rosalez is expected to make his initial court appearance Thursday.