Escaped Dodge County inmate arrested due to alert Wauwatosa neighbors

Posted at 10:36 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-14 08:48:56-04

An escaped inmate was seen going door-to-door trying to breaking into homes in Wauwatosa before he was captured by police.

Thirty-year-old Dylan Farberbroke out of the Dodge County Jail Friday morning.

The Dodge County Sheriff said Farber escaped the jail and stole an SUV from Juneau a short time later.  He was arrested Friday afternoon thanks to alert neighbors in Wauwatosa.

"This is a very safe neighborhood so to see someone just kind of strolling through especially with no shoes on and just socks, you're kind of like, ‘Hmm that's interesting’, I think that's why I kept watching,” said Jocelyn Howard. 

It was an odd sight for Howard who was at home with her baby Friday afternoon on N. 104th St. when that shoe-less man walked right up to her side door. 

"Please don't knock on my door because I don't know you, of course I'm not going to let you in,” Howard said. 

Howard said the doors were locked and the disheveled man kept walking. At that point, Howard had no clue he was considered wanted and dangerous by police.

"It looked like he found the house he wanted to go to down the street,” Howard said. 

Lt. Brian Zalewski with Wauwatosa police said Farber did try to break into at least one other home on that block.

"We received a call from a citizen who had somebody try their backdoor of their house,” he said. 

Several neighbors called 911, finally leading officers to the escaped inmate.

"They chased him over a fence, across some railroad tracks and then took him into custody by a business,” Zalewski said. 

Now that Howard knows who she was staring down she's thankful her close encounter didn't go a step further.

"I have an infant daughter so who knows what would have happened,” she said. “I’m very glad he kept walking." 
Wauwatosa Police said they still don't know why Farber came to the area. Zalewski said they haven't found the stolen SUV Farber he used to get here. He's back in the Dodge County Jail facing more charges.