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Emergency vehicles damaged by reckless drivers in Milwaukee

Posted at 7:08 PM, Jan 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-30 20:08:11-05

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police said two reckless drivers Wednesday night caused crashes that injured police officers and badly damaged a fire engine. Those crashes come on the heels of several others involving suspected reckless drivers in recent weeks.

The intersection of 27th and North Avenue has been the scene of multiple crashes, including one Wednesday night.

Police said a car driving about 80 miles an hour with the lights off t-boned a fire truck responding to an emergency.

Gena, who didn’t want to go on-camera said she got home to a sea of flashing lights. Her cousin heard the crash.

“He just heard a bam like a car accident, something slammed in something,” Gena said. “I was trying to figure out, like what happened?”

Nearly two hours earlier, police said a reckless driver they were chasing slammed into a squad car by 70th and Hampton. The driver and two officers were hurt.

A man named Dre witnessed the crash.

“A big old boom, like it was a big old loud noise,” he said.

Just last week, police said a driver ran a red light and led officers on a chase, before hitting an ambulance and light pole near 27th and Capitol.

Police said so far this year they've issued 43 reckless driving tickets, 10 involving a crash.

Edward Mendoza lives near 27th and North and that he’s seen all kinds of reckless driving.

“Accidents, accidents all over,” he said. “Car chases, running into each other, going through red lights.”

He and Gena hope something can be done soon.

“You're not just driving for yourself, you're driving for others, but people don't get that,” Gena said.

As for curbing the problem, Alderman Michael Murphy told TODAY’S TMJ4, the Reckless Driving Task Force is hoping to finalize their recommendations next month that they'll pass on to the Public Safety Committee.

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