Election commission aims to keep voters safe at the polls

There is already a disaster plan in place in WI
Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-21 23:30:32-04
Poll workers across the country have been put on alert. This comes after a couple incidents around the country involving both parties campaign offices. The head of the Wisconsin Election Commission said they are preparing to keep you safe at the polls.
When it comes to exercising your constitutional right, the top priority for the Wisconsin Election commission is making sure you can vote without any intimidation or influence. Something most voters say they were never really concerned about in the past.
"But this is kind of a heated election so you know," Kate Nipko said.
Safety is top of mind after the recent fire-bombing of a Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina and reports that two armed men lingered for hours outside a Democratic Campaign office in Virginia.
There is already a disaster plan in place for the polls in Wisconsin. 
"Occasionally there are incidents at polling places, maybe a bomb scare, maybe an accident outside a polling location that shuts down traffic," said Michael Haas, who run the Wisconsin Election Commission.
Both situations happened during presidential election years. The list of what poll workers train for now includes active shooters or more likely an unruly person. Dominic Schroeder, a Milwaukee voter, said he saw that in 2008 when people started shoving when the wait got long.
"People were starting to fight after they tried skipping in line," Schroeder said.
The election commission said in that situation the chief inspector is in charge. That person usually gives a warning first.
"But if somebody then disobeys that order, that chief inspector can actually order law enforcement and order the police to remove that person," Haas said.
The election commission is also asking voters to be their eyes and ears. If you see something or someone out of place on election day, tell a poll worker.