Elderly woman robbed by scammers in Kenosha

Posted at 7:56 AM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-01 09:04:04-05

KENOSHA -- Esther Despins, 94, has lost things that can never be replaced.

She was scammed at her own home in Kenosha.

"It makes you feel bad," Despins said.

The stolen items include souvenirs she got with her husband, foreign coins and cash -- all stored in a box -- that are now gone forever.

Despins lives on a quiet street. Something caught her attention last week, a beige car with young men that returned three days in a row.

"And I should've been suspicious about that but you don't think, you know, anything bad's coming," Despins said.

Then came the knock on her door.

"So they came up and said, 'We're from Dick's Roofing' and he said, 'I remember you from when I was 15 years old.' See how clever they are?" she said.

One of the young men told Despins her roof needed repair and if she would get him a bucket of hot water, he'd fix it. As Despins filled the bucket, someone else entered her home and rummaged through her bedroom.

"Well the first night, actually, I didn't sleep. You just couldn't. I wasn't sleepy and every time I heard a noise, I'd get up and move the shade a little bit and see if I could see something," Despins said.

The vehicle involved in this robbery is described as an older beige sedan with a cracked front bumper. If you know anything about the scammers, please contact Kenosha police.