Eclispe enthusiasts depart Milwaukee for St. Louis on 5-day eclipse tour

A group of 110 people are traveling south from Milwaukee to catch a glimpse of Monday's solar eclipse from a spot where they can see the moon fully covering the sun.

The eclipse enthusiasts left the Milwaukee Public Museum on Friday morning.

They'll make a couple of stops in Illinois before arriving in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday.

On Monday, the group will be monitoring the weather forecast to make sure they can get to a location free of clouds. 

"We have four different parks reserved and we're going to go where it's clear," said Bob Bonadurer, Director of the Planetarium at the Milwaukee Public Museum. 

Bonadurer said the eclipse will be visible in southeastern Wisconsin. But it won't be a total eclipse like in the St. Louis area, where the moon will blanket the sun.

The group departing from the museum was made up largely of locals. Mike Kaminski, along with his wife and two kids, are from Cedarburg. 

"I've been wanting to do this since I was a kid, since I was 12," Kaminski said. 

Others, like Bill Masters, traveled in from out of town. Masters is from Middlesbrough, England. 

"This is one of things that's on my bucket list," Masters said. "I have a son that lives in Illinois, so I was able to fly in and see my family also." 

"I'm very much looking forward to it," he added. 

The eclipse chasers are expected back in Milwaukee on Tuesday afternoon.

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