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East Troy Railroad Museum plans to restore two railroad cars from the 1930s

Posted at 8:09 AM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-17 09:09:47-05

EAST TROY — The East Troy Railroad Museum announced Friday their plans to restore two railroad cars from the 1930s.

According to a press release, work is already underway to return these historic rail cars to operating condition.

The first car, car 761, ran on the North Shore Line between the loop in Chicago and downtown Milwaukee from 1930-1963. The second car, car 6, ran on the South Shore Line between Chicago and South Bend, Indiana from 1926-1983.

The museum acquired car 761 back in 2001 and began restoration then. However, due to the deterioration of the car, the museum halted the restoration process. That is until a welder joined the team. It was then that the board decided to start up the restoration process once again.

Car 6 came into the museum back in 2010 from Indiana Dunes National Park. This car still needs a bit of work before it can be operable again, including getting new wheels, rebuilding two traction motors, and putting in new flooring.

In order to pay for the restoration, the East Troy Railroad Museum has started a GoFundMe page which can be found here.

Anyone who would like to donate can also send a check made payable to East Troy Railroad Museum. The museum asks that if you do this, you write "Cars 6 and 761" in the memo line.

All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

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