East side woman raises stink over UWM students' illegal dumping

Posted at 6:29 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 19:29:37-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - An illegal dumping problem on Milwaukee's east side has one woman ready to voice her concerns until someone takes out the trash. 

“Everything just gets dumped in my garbage area," said Ester Riva Milchtein. 

“There’s no way that I can take care of such an enormous amount of move out stuff," Riva Milchtein also said. 

Riva Milchtein has lived in her home near the campus of UW-Milwaukee for about 17 years. In 2008 she sent her first email voicing her concerns about illegal dumping on her property. 

"I spent hours on the phone with the alderman's office, department of neighborhood services, and the sanitation department in order to get the garbage removed," she said. 

The next year she followed up with another email that said, "I would greatly appreciate if you would work with me, a very stressed out parent and UWM community member."

And on Sunday, Oct. 15, she sent an email stating, "I get constant dumping on my property. I have no one to clean it up." 

But when asked about relocating instead of dealing with some much mess Riva Milchtein, mother of 15 children said, “Why should I be forced out because of this?" 

"I don’t like living in the suburbs, I like city life," she also said. 

The Department of Neighborhood Services told TODAY'S TMJ4 they have sent inspectors out to Riva Milchtein's home in the past week to address the garbage dumping debacle and will continue to do so until the issue is resolved.