Duck that went viral returns home to Milwaukee

Posted at 10:15 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 23:16:20-04
MILWAUKEE -- A very popular duck, recently made famous by social media, made his way home to the Milwaukee area Friday.  
He received more attention than most do at the arrivals gate. His fame came about when his owner took the duck on his first plane ride and a passenger posted a picture on Twitter that went viral. 
"Pretty soon he's everywhere. Australia ran a story, Germany ran a story, Madrid," Carla Fitzgerald said.
Carla Fitzgerald isn't a fan of attention, but her companion is. 
"He likes being noticed, I think," she said.
Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt came into Carla's life about 4.5 years ago. 
"Best $6 I've ever spent," Fitzgerald said. 
A year later, Carla was in an accident.  
"I was rear ended in my horse carriage that I use to drive in downtown Milwaukee," Fitzgerald said.  
That's when Daniel became her support animal.  
"When he senses that I'm going to have an anxiety attack, caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, he will be very attentive by trying to climb me," she said.
Carla said taking care of Daniel is like having a four-year-old in diapers. She gives him a shower every morning and his favorite snack in macaroni and cheese.
Daniel turns heads when Carla brings him along to appointment and the movies.
"They all like to comment on his Captain America underwear and his red shoes," she said.
So what's it like to fly next to Daniel the Duck?
"I thought he was great. He was very funny.  He was very well-behaved," Barnaby Horton said.