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Drumlin putting course at Erin Hills allows golfers to unwind

"The greatest sound in the world is hearing laughter coming from down here, and that's exactly what you get."
Posted at 6:38 PM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 19:38:34-04

HARTFORD — When you hear about the Drumlin course at Erin Hills in Hartford, pictures and video don't do it justice.

"We don't take ourselves too seriously with the Drumlin, and the golfers shouldn't either," Erin Hills Competitions Director John Morrissett says. "It's intended to be kind of crazy. It's intended for people to say wow, I have never faced a putt like that in my life. And to say wow, you know, if I take a 3 on this 40 foot hole, I'm going to be pretty happy with that. The greatest sound in the world is just hearing laughter coming from down here, and that's exactly what you get."

The Drumlin has been open for almost two years.

"It's a 63,000-square-foot putting course," Morrissett says. "And it's not a practice putting green. It's not for working on your stroke or anything like or getting a feel for the speed of the greens before you go out and play. It's just for fun."

To play the Drumlin, you have to tackle Erin Hills first.

"This is just one of the amenities that you have, when you play golf at Erin Hills," Morrissett says. "Whether you're just coming here for the day, or you're spending a night, you're most welcome to play the Drumlin as many times as you like, no addition charge."

It gives the golfer a plus one level of play.

"A lot of it was with overnight guests. They come here, play golf. We have only 18 holes," Morrissett says. "And they wanted sometimes, something a little more. A little more to do."

And with Erin Hills being such a serious course, this is more to let your hair down after the round.

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