Dream Playground in Kenosha officially reopens

Posted at 7:02 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-19 08:42:03-05

KENOSHA -- A playground in Kenosha for kids with special needs is back open after faulty flooring forced it to close for months.

"For the kids it was a long wait," Tammy Conforti said.

Conforti is the president of the Kenosha Dream Playground Project. She described the playground closing as a difficult time, not only for her, but for all the children left on the sidelines unable to play.

"[The playground] closed on March 18th of this year," Conforti said. "That was the last time there was a lot of joy and activity and laughter here at the playground."

The mission of the Kenosha Dream Playground is to create a safe, fully inclusive, accessible playground for all kids -- including Dano.

Dano suffered a brain injury at the age of three. Karen Halter, Dano's nurse, said the playground has become Dano's safe haven.

"[Having] an inclusive playground where Dano can interact with kids that are healthy and running around inspires her," Halter said.

The Dream Playground not only provides an avenue for all children to play, but learning and creativity is also encouraged on the grounds.