Dousman children make ‘Cambam' t-shirts for friend in a coma after bus accident

Posted at 9:46 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-07 23:38:21-04

Strangers from two Waukesha County communities came together to help the 12-year-old Dousman boy hit by a school bus last week while he was riding his bike, raising money for the family by selling t-shirts in his honor.

As of Wednesday night, Camdin Hellmich is in critical condition.  His family said he is in a medically-induced coma but is making small improvements. 

"It's just kind of scary for a lot of his friends too so we just want to kind of make everything kind of uplifting," said 12-year-old Natalie Mueller.

"We were thinking of ideas to like show support and like raise money for his family," said 13-year-old Danica Wippert.

That's where Pewaukee mom Shannon Flegel came in. 

"She (Danica) messaged me and told me her friend was hit by a bus," said Shannon Flegel, Angels For Ashlyn.

Flegel's daughter Ashlyn died in a bike accident in July.  The mom created a clothing line from the Angel's For Ashlyn hashtag used when her daughter was intubated. 

She now has a huge following on social media.  That's how the Dousman girls and the Pewaukee mom found each other.

"Let's let the doctors do their job, let's let the family be with who they need to be with and we can take the kids and do something productive," Flegel said.

Dousman moms are taking shifts driving the kids to Pewaukee to make t-shirts for Camdin in Ashlyn's old room.

"They just want to help Camdin," said Jenaia Wippert, a family friend.

His nickname “Cambam” is on the front of the shirts and the Angels For Ashlyn logo is on the back.

"I feel like the kids are helpless.  They don't have money, they can't drive, they want to help their friend.  You can't flock to the hospital.  That's very hard on family.  I've been there," Flegel said.

The shirts have raised more than $2,400 for the family so far.

"People need to start praying for him to help him get through what he's going through," said 11-year-old Samantha Chmura.

"We miss you and you're gonna be OK just stay strong," said 11-year-old Ella Moen.

Cambam shirts are available in Dousman at:

Bullfrog Gas Station    
319 N. Main Street

Cornerstone Inc
200 N. Main Street

To learn more about Angels For Ashlyn, visit the organization's Facebook, Instagramand Etsypages.