DOT's 'Rustic Roads' program worth exploring

Posted at 12:06 PM, Nov 14, 2016

Now is the best time for Wisconsinites to get out and try something new, says the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The department's Rustic Roads Program spans over 59 counties and is free to the public. The DOT says it's a way to escape an urban setting.

The Rustic Roads Program is more than 40 years old and is constantly evolving.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Communication's Specialist, Brian DeNeve says,"We're more of an online digital society right now, so we actually, this year we're no longer even having printed versions of the rustic roads guide. It's now available as an interactive PDF online."

The department just added two new roads making a total of 119, and every one is connected to Google Maps to help you find exactly where they are.

In Mequon, Bonnie and her daughter Caroline Bowman have been boarding their horses near a Rustic Road for two years. Bonnie is a huge fan of Hawthorne Road because it's a great for their horses. "A friend of mine, when I was in high school lived up the road, and so Hawthorne Road has been kind of like a staple to my life," Bowman explained.

The roads range anywhere from two to 37 miles long and the maximum speed limit is 45 mph - that way you've got time to take it all in.

DeNeve explains, "Just like Wisconsin is very vast and diverse, what makes up a rustic road, or what you might see on them can also be very vast and diverse."

No matter if you walk, drive, ride a bike or a horse, DOT encourages visitors to use social media while touring the roads. While on your trip, take pictures and videos, then post them to social media using the hashtag #RusticRoads or #WisconsinDOT allowing DOT and your followers to share in your trip.

Get more information on the Rustic Roads program here.