Donations stolen from Bay View's Nightmare Before Christmas

Second theft from popular event
Posted at 9:11 PM, Oct 29, 2017

A popular Bay View event has been hit by thieves for a second time. First decorations, and now donations for charity. 

For years, neighbors on Logan Avenue have put up elaborate Halloween decorations for the Nightmare Before Christmas event. Families come to trick or treat and see the displays. 

They also choose a charity to raise money and this year, Friends of MADACC was invited to the event. 

But last night, the organization says someone ran up and stole one of their donation bins from their booth. 

"I think people were really shocked just as we were that someone would take donations from a non-profit," said Amila Rizvic, the board president at Friends of MADACC. "But even attempt something like that at a family friendly event with a lot of kids around."

She says a younger male dressed in a gray hoodie ran up as someone was about to drop a donation in and took off. Someone tried to chase after him but he got away. 

In the process, an older man was knocked over and hit his head, but Rizvic says he was OK. 

Shelter dogs need a lot of care and Friends of MADACC supports the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission with everything from medical care to shelter improvements. The non-profit relies 100 percent off of donations. 

Rizvic estimates about $50 was stolen, but she says that could provide one spay or neuter surgery to someone who can't afford it. 

"It sucks, that's the best way to describe it," said Rizvic. 

The week before the event, someone stole decorations off one of the front yards. 

The man who organizes the event posted on Facebook saying,

"Ok, this could be the end of Nightmare Before Christmas Bayview. Last night 5 to 7 jack heads were stolen from the yard across the street. Every year I work 30 to 60 hours a week every week (AFTER my full time job) from September into November and spend literally thousands of dollars improving and replacing parts that have worn out/burned out. If these are not returned I will not be doing this next year. There are 3,000 of you out there. Find the people that stole them and have them returned.

I already spend ALL of September and October stressed and frantic - if it is not appreciated - The End. I am done."

Neighbors came forward to replace the decorations taken and Rizvic says overall, everyone was very generous and kind. 

"We really had a great time at the event," she said. "So many people supported us and we don't want it to be overshadowed by this."

Friends of MADACC says this won't ruin the event for them and they'll come back next year if invited.

In the meantime, if you'd like to volunteer or donate to the organization, click here.