Donald Trump looking for running mate

Gov. Mike Pence is high on the list
Posted at 5:53 PM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 18:53:10-04

The Vice President sweepstakes are in high gear. Donald Trump's list includes governors Mike Pence and Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. TMJ4's Charles Benson talked with Chuck Todd at NBC's Meet the Press about what Trump wants in a Vice President.

Chuck Todd: Number one, is someone who conservatives will get excited about. Not just accept, find acceptable, but that they are borderline excited about. That's why Mike Pence is so high on this list. He's a guy that the social conservative movement will love. The other thing they are looking for is someone who knows Washington. Pence checks those boxes too. He was in house leadership for nearly a decade. That's why Newt Gingrich is on that list. His Washington experience is there as well. Then, what Christ Christie, the reason he is on the list is, Trump's not going pick somebody he doesn't know. He wants somebody who is going to be loyal. Christie he knows will be loyal. Gingrich he thinks will be loyal and that is the part of Pence he doesn't know yet.

Charles Benson: Democrats talking about their party platform - saying this is going be the "most progressive platform" in history? Does that surprise you? 

Chuck Todd: It's not surprising, its been trending in that direction. You know it's funny, I'm one of these data nerds. I've got every party platform for the last century. And right now we are in a period where the Democratic Party feels incline to move towards its base. We saw it '08, we saw it move farther to the left in '12 and yet it's going to move farther to the left in '16. 

Charles Benson: Everyone thinks I'm the nerd around but finding out that you are keeping party platforms around - you top me. As always good talk with you,

Chuck Todd: (laughs) Thanks Charles.