Trump: 'If we win WI, it's pretty much over'

Trump: 'If we win WI, it's pretty much over'
Posted at 7:50 PM, Mar 29, 2016

Donald Trump is made his first campaign appearance in Wisconsin Tuesday ahead of the state's key Republican primary on April 5.

Trump held a rally Tuesday in Janesville, Wisconsin — the hometown of House Speaker Paul Ryan.
He began his remarks with sharp criticism of the state's governor, Scott Walker, who endorsed Trump's rival, Ted Cruz, earlier in the day.

Trump said that the governor "certainly can't endorse me after what I did to him in the race."

Walker ended his own presidential campaign last year.

Trump belittled Walker's handling of Wisconsin's economy — and the governor's habit of riding motorcycles.

"The motorcycle guys like Trump," the candidate exclaimed, who then admitted he was somewhat surprised by that since he's not "a big motorcycle guy."

Trump suggested that next week's Wisconsin primary could be the last stand for his Republican rivals.

He said that "if we win Wisconsin, it's pretty much over."

Trump has a significant lead in delegates over Ted Cruz and John Kasich but is not yet on pace to clinch the nomination before the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer.

The celebrity businessman noted that the next primary after Wisconsin is his home state of New York, where he said he expects to win handily. The Wisconsin primary, which is expected to be close, is set for April 5.

Two protesters left Trump's rally in its first 20 minutes but neither made much of a disturbance.