Dogs abandoned in Slinger looking for new home

Posted at 2:00 PM, Feb 23, 2016

SLINGER -- The three dogs abandoned in Slinger over the weekend could be up for adoption by Monday.

Police said a 34-year-old Illinois woman admitted dumping the dogs in a Slinger neighborhood, but it wasn’t clear why.
For now, the dogs have found a temporary place to stay as they wait for a forever home. 
"It is very heartbreaking that someone didn't think they had any other option," said Jessica Wermager with the Washington County Humane Society. 
It hasn't been hard for two of them to adjust. All it took was some hot dogs and a little love for the 3-year-old black lab, Bean, and the 13-year-old pit bull mix, Butch. The American pit bull terrier, Tyson, is still adjusting. 
As for their owner, she is facing possible charges.
"The district attorney's office will make a decision on whether or not she will be charged for the abandonment of the animals or whether or not a different charge could be placed against her," said Lt. Joel Schodron with Slinger police.
The humane society suggests that people call their local shelter if they don't think they can care for their pets. There may be a surrender fee, but that could be adjusted if there's a financial hardship.