Dog rescued after plunging down cliff in Sheboygan

Posted at 10:15 PM, Nov 16, 2016
You have heard of cats having nine lives, well one Sheboygan dog has at least two.  
Lacey, a springer spaniel, plunged over a cliff Tuesday night. On Wednesday afternoon, she was reunited with her rescuers.
Lacey is back to running around at the Jaycee Quarry View Park, but this time her owner, Sandy Barnick, has an extra eye on her. 
"We came out here for a walk. Let her run around," Barnick said.
It was dark out when Barnick came to the park. She had let Lacey off the leash. Barnick said the dog spotted something and took off right over the edge of the cliff.
Sandy didn't realize Lacey had fallen, she thought she was just in the brush.
"I was waiting for her to come back to me and she didn't come back," Barnick said.
But she was in the water, whining for Barnick. Frantic, Barnick called 911.
"The dog was in the water when we got here but found a ledge that was at the water line," said Battalion Chief Gary Kolberg of Sheboygan Fire Department.
A Sheboygan Fire Fighter repelled down the cliff and scooped up a whimpering Lacey.
"She was very cold, very wet and trying to climb back up the wall," said Lt. Blaine Werner of the Sheboygan Fire Department.
A team from the Kohler Fire Department came across the quarry with a boat so the two didn't have to be pulled back up the cliff. 
"It was cold water so the dog was shaking when we grabbed the dog," said Kohler Fire Fighter Brandon McKnight.
"She jumped in and we headed back to shore," said Kohler Fire Fighter Scott Uselding.
Right back to Barnick. She said she is so grateful so many people came to Lacey's rescue.
"I have so much appreciation to them, I'm so thankful that we got her. I was worried so much," Barnick said.
The Town of Sheboygan Fire Department also brought in an all-terrain vehicle for the rescue. Barnick said Lacey will not be off her leash anymore around the quarry.