Dog found dumped, ditched gets second chance

Posted at 6:50 PM, Nov 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-29 19:51:14-05



MILWAUKEE -- Chance the puppy was found ditched in a dumpster earlier this month, but now he's on the road to recovery. 

"My co-worker lifted the lid, and he saw Chance there," Xavier Quintero said. "He wasn't sure if he was alive or dead."

Quintero helped rescue Chance, and has also decided to adopt him.

According to Quintero, he and a co-worker found the 8-month-old puppy tossed in the trash and fighting for his life.

"He had a large open wound on his back leg and I couldn't see too much of his abdomen," Quintero said. "He was too frail to lift."

Chance was in such bad shape when he was rescued, veterinary staff at the Wisconsin Humane Society suspect he was dragged by a car before being dumped and left for dead.

"We were all really shocked by this story," said Angela Speed said, the VP of communications for the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) in Milwaukee.

Speed said Chance was in a lot of pain when he arrived at the WHS facility.


"Our hearts broke for him... and to know that somebody could do that was really difficult," she said.

But despite his difficult circumstances, Chance now has a second chance. He's recovering from his injuries, and he'll soon be able to enjoy his new home with the Quintero family.

What's more, in honor of Chance, friends of WHS will match all donations to WHS Tuesday on Giving Tuesday until midnight.