Dog dies at Milwaukee pet care facility

Dog dies at pet care facility
Dog dies at pet care facility
Posted at 8:14 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 08:05:20-04

Coco's owners took their dog to Pet University in Milwaukee on Friday. Next time they saw him, he was dead.

Taylor Pipp got Coco for her 5th birthday.

"Coco was my best friend," she said.

She had him 11 years. Sunday, she got a shocking call. Taylor and her Mom, Christina Elliott-Pipp, took Coco to Pet U for the second time while they went to visit her brother. They were set to pick him up Monday morning.

"Sunday night we got the call that Coco had passed away of old age," explained Pipp. "They brought Coco in on a cart. They had a blanket up to his neck. I folded the blanket over and I just seen [sic] blood everywhere."

"I was angry, and I was mad. Because they lied to us and they did not protect my baby," said Elliott-Pipp.

According to vet records, Coco died of blood loss. He had puncture wounds, cracked ribs and bruising.

In a statement, Pet U writes "The owners [of Pet U] did not lie or attempt to hide what had occurred. We just needed time to determine the facts so that we as a company could take the necessary steps to deal with this accident."

Pet U said they couldn't discuss details of the situation, but Elliott-Pipp and Pipp said they were contacted and told the dog was attacked by a larger dog while playing outside.

The family said the facility has offered to pay for vet bills, but they have not accepted.

"Money doesn't bring back Coco," said Pipp.

The facility said they are taking steps to make sure something like this does not happen again.

"Since the accident, we have put in place even more precautionary measures to ensure our clients' safety," they wrote in a statement.

They family hopes no other families go through what they have. They said they want to know where the dog is that did this.