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Does your family have a plan in the event of a house fire?

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 19:42:42-05

MILWAUKEE, WI - Having a well thought out plan in the event of a house fire might just save a life. 

“Once kids go through our program, they go back home and they teach it to their family," said Lt. Julian Gladney. 

"And since [the] program was started 25 years ago the fire fatality rate for children of the ages 2nd grade to 5th has dropped dramatically," he also said.

The Survive Alive House program in Milwaukee is a part of the public school curriculum. MPS students in both second and fifth grade are required to complete the program. The goal is to prepare them with a plan for surviving a house fire, but before a plan is practiced, North Shore Fire officials suggest families should assess their homes. 

“We’re looking for smoke alarms first and foremost on every level," David Glanz said. 

"And actually now we recommend having them in each bedroom as well," he also said. 

According to Glanz, community relations officer at the North Shore Fire department, on average, firefighters across the nation respond to roughly 360,000 house fires each year. However, while encouraging families to plan and prepare they also stress the importance of not going back in the home after you’ve made it out safely. 

“It’s a natural temptation, reaction," Glanz said. 

"[But] if you’re fortunate enough to make it out, stay out," he also said. 

According to Glanz, when assessing homes, his department pays special attention to kitchen safety because cooking is said to be the number one cause of house fires.