Dodge County Sheriff warns of scam phone calls claiming relative was in an accident

Scammer asked for Walmart gift cards
Posted at 10:48 AM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 12:16:56-05

The Dodge County Sheriff’s office is warning residents of phone scams targeted at some area resients.

A man walked in asking to withdraw $4,000 from his Home Equity after he apparently was told his grandson was in an accident and was in jail, claiming his nose was broken. The man said the person on the phone sounded like his grandson with a plugged nose.

The scammers asked the man to use his money to purchase $1,000 Walmart gift cards and read the numbers of the cards to them over the phone.

After the man started asking questions, and confirmed it was a scam, the scammers claimed the grandson was in holding and could no longer talk to the man.

In an unrelated scam, a business owner received a call claiming there was a warrant out for his arrest in California.

The sheriff’s office said if you receive calls like these to simply ignore it. Some smartphones have apps to identify scams or frauds.


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