E-Registration for deer hunting a success

Posted: 11:05 AM, Nov 23, 2015
Updated: 2015-11-23 12:05:44-05

Opening weekend of Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer hunting season was the first time for hunters to register using the DNR's new e-registration system.  Instead of registering their deer in person, hunters now have the option of using a phone or computer to speed up the process.    


Sawyer Briel, Public Affairs Manager of the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Division with the Wisconsin DNR, says e-registration worked extremely smoothly. There were only a few issues with data coming into a webpage where the DNR hoped to have live status updates.

“There’s been so much data coming in that it’s been a bit delayed on that front,” said Briel, “But the system itself is working great.”

Hunters seemed to enjoy the system, which allowed them to remain at deer camps and not deal with harsh weather conditions to go register their deer.  The state still has about 200 registration stations for hunters who prefer to register their deer in person.