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DNR now offering online resources so the public can check air quality

Posted at 3:35 PM, Dec 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-10 16:35:43-05

WISCONSIN — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has created several resources that check and monitor air quality and they are all available to the public.

More and more companies are making lower-cost portable sensors that are available to the public. However, these sensors aren't always easy to use so the DNR has created online resources that are making it easier to understand, track, and log sensor data.

"The information provided online provides the public with best practices for the use of low-cost, portable air sensors and may be used to assist with the setup of low-cost sensors, evaluation of the data collected, and the interpretation of the results," the DNR wrote in a press release Thursday.

Many people are interested in air-quality due to allergies, asthma, wildfire smoke tracking, or just sheer curiosity. That's why the DNR said they're excited to announce new resources to help the public.

“With public interest in air sensors growing, the DNR is excited to provide useful tools to citizen scientists interested in understanding their local air quality,” said Gail Good, DNR Air Program Director. “Sensors offer a hands-on experience and a great opportunity for Wisconsin citizens to learn about the importance of air quality in our state.”

Not only is the public tracking local air quality, but the DNR as well.

"Good air quality is essential for human health and the environment. The DNR both monitors the state's air quality and implements regulations to improve and protect it," wrote the DNR in a press release Thursday.

To view the online resources provided by the DNR, click here.

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