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DNR confirms more cougar sightings in northwest Wisconsin

The observations are on the rise this year.
Posted at 1:23 PM, Dec 20, 2017

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has confirmed multiple cougar sightings in northwestern Wisconsin this past month. 

A cougar was caught on a trail camera in Douglas County on November 11 and 14. This comes after cougar sightings were confirmed by the DNR in central Wisconsin in August and September.

This brings the total recorded observations of cougars in the state to 11, which is the most since 2009. 

Cougars were eliminated from Wisconsin in the early twentieth century. Biologist Jane Wiedenhoeft believes the cougars seen in Wisconsin are dispersing out of the Black Hills population in South Dakota. 

The cougars that have been migrating from South Dakota are mainly males. According to the DNR, there is no evidence the cougars are breeding in the state.

The DNR asks that any cougar observations be reported to their website.