Displaced residents reunited with pets after Beaver Dam explosion

Posted at 5:20 PM, Mar 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-07 19:13:38-05

Dodge County Emergency Management says all the pets of owners displaced by a controlled explosion in a Beaver Dam apartment complex have been rescued. 

Some feared if it were any longer, their dogs and cats would no longer be alive. 

Truck beds loaded with cats arrived at a Beaver Dam community center making plenty of noise. Many of them have been without food, water and their owners for 48 hours, like Diane Carr’s cat, Pumpkin. 

"I started crying when I seen them. I just want to get her back to the motel,” Carr said. 

Carr was one of around 100 tenants who were displaced Monday after a sudden explosion in one of the units

“They wouldn't let us get them out of the apartment. They just said we had to get out,” she said. 

Carr said she rushed out without her two cats and a dog. 

"If this would have gone on any longer I think they would have died. I know they got food in there, but no water,” she said. 

Dodge County Emergency Management says last night, just the pets left behind in the building immediately impacted by the blow were rescued. 

"Today, because we had so many residents who still had their pets, they weren't going to be in an affected building, but obviously everyone has been displaced for a few days, it's been hard on them, it's been hard on their pets,” said Amy Nehls with Dodge County Emergency Management. 

Carr was so worried about her dog surviving, she pleaded with authorities. 

"I had to cry to the Chief of Police yesterday to go in and get my dog," she said. 

Now that all three of her pets are safe, she says it’s time to give them extra love and care.