Discovery World and Medical College to partner on 'BodyMindMe' exhibit

New exhibit part of $18 million expansion
Posted at 8:41 AM, May 16, 2017
Discovery World is about to undergo an $18 million expansion and a big part of that will be a new health and medical exhibit called “BodyMindMe” being done in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin.
The exhibit will be part of the second phase of Discovery World’s $18 million expansion and will be the first time the science and technology center is partnering in a major way with the Medical College of Wisconsin, TODAY'S TMJ4's partner, the Milwaukee Business Journal has learned.
“As Wisconsin’s largest science and technology center, Discovery World has a responsibility to expose young people to the tools and technology that can empower them to take control of their personal health, education and career opportunities,” said Joel Brennan, Discovery World's president and CEO.
“Throughout our community, young people are growing up with too little exposure to information about their personal health and too little access to the abundant career opportunities in the health arena. In partnership with the Medical College, we will teach important health and medical concepts, celebrate the innovation that happens here in our community and inspire young people to envision themselves as part of our community’s healthy and vibrant future."


“BodyMindMe” and a health science educational lab will be a $5 million part of the overall expansion, which includes the cost to design, build, staff and maintaining the exhibit for the next seven years.
The exhibit will occupy 5,000 square feet on the lower mezzanine level, while a new health sciences lab will occupy a 1,000-square-foot educational space on the second floor.
The new exhibit will feature more than 20 interactive experiences and will aim to help young people focus on two overriding concepts — their personal health and their future career choices.
“The partnership between the Medical College of Wisconsin and Discovery World will have significant community benefits as we strive to engage youth in STEM fields and foster the next generation of health and science professionals,” said Dr. John Raymond, president and CEO of the Medical College. "Engaging future generations to take responsibility for their health can have a life-long positive impact and is critical for the health of our communities. Our partnership with Discovery World is a great opportunity to reach youth in such an important way, and we are seeking other partners who will invest and join us on this journey.”



According to Discovery World, the “BodyMindMe” exhibit and health science lab are based on a specific set of goals:
• Embrace a positive and optimistic approach to health and wellness by revealing opportunities for visitors to take action and influence their future.
• Create interactive experiences that are multi-sensory and fun; use these experiences as opportunities to dive deeper into the exhibit’s core concepts.
• Present real and credible science in ways that appeal to a wide range of audiences and inspire visitors to explore more about themselves.
• Frame the content around each visitor by connecting science topics and ideas to visitors’ personal experiences and their community. 
• Create a social environment, using competition and cooperation as key techniques to promote active participation.
With the announcement, the fundraising campaign for the "BodyMindMe" exhibit has begun in earnest. Discovery World and the Medical College expect to announce major partners for the exhibit and educational experiences early this summer.
"We truly believe that our 'BodyMindMe' exhibit is among the most important projects we can undertake to have a significant impact for decades to come in Milwaukee,” Brennan said.
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