Dietitian warns parents to be cautious with baby food delivery service

Posted at 12:20 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 13:20:07-04
MILWAUKEE -- Meal delivery services are a growing trend for families with babies, toddlers and kids. Many are seeing benefits from this service, however it is raising concerns for some.
The meal plans are broken up into your child's growth stage and put together by dietitians. Moms like Piper-Lori Parker are turning to these weekly meal delivery service to help make sure her son is getting the proper nutrition.
“This is real food, real vegetables, pureed in a way that I can't do myself, whole, organic and even local food,” said Parker.
Amber Smith, who runs the GI and Clinical Nutrition Department at Children’s, does see some benefit for parents constantly on the go with their growing little ones.
“It's very unique and interesting way to intro those flavors to kiddo,” said Smith.
However, Smith does have concerns.
“One of the things that did concern me they definitely preach they try to do things unfrozen as much as possible, said Smith. "If you make your baby food, you're freezing it because you know that is safest."
Safety isn’t the only thing that's prompting her to say slow down before you jump ship from the grocery store aisle. The price of the plans jumps out at the dietitian.
“If you get a 12 pack of organic baby food at the store its $8,” said Smith. “With these meal services it's anywhere from $45 to $112 a week.
It’s a hefty cost, but mom Piper-Lori says it’s one she is willing to pay.
"It's worth it for the peace of mind, for the convenience, for the ease of it just showing up at my door," Piper-Lori said.
Smith says if you do decide to go ahead and try these meal delivery services, try to order from one close to the area. That cuts down on the food safety risk.