Did you get lucky? Check Powerball numbers here

Posted at 10:26 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 09:02:53-05

UPDATE: The winning numbers in Wednesday evening's drawing of the "Powerball" game were:

   02-11-47-62-63, Powerball: 17, Power Play: 3

With more than a half a billion dollars on the line, a lot of people in Wisconsin are buying Powerball tickets.

The place selling the most in southeastern Wisconsin, Pick 'N Save on Holt Avenue, according to the Wisconsin Lottery

People were lining up there to get their tickets. They are picking their numbers in all sorts of ways.

"I just had a dream and those numbers were in it last night," says Deserae Constantineau

"These are the significant numbers from family when they were born," says Jesus Chavez.

Despite having better odds of getting struck by lightning or of becoming the next President of the United States, people are already thinking of what they plan to do with all the cash.
Some are thinking small.

"Paying off all my debts," says Cheryl Steele.

"Maybe a cruise to the Greek Isles or something," says Diane Miladinovic.

Other's out of this world.

"I guess I'll buy the Millenium Falcon," says Deserae Constantineau.

Since it only takes one to win, a lot of people are saying why not me.

"If you don't play you will never win," Miladinovic says.

"I guess my odds are just as good as anyone else's of winning," Steele says.

If you think you have the winning ticket. The Wisconsin Lottery says first thing you should do is sign it to claim ownership. But if there is no winner you have a chance to play again. The next Powerball drawing will be Saturday.