1 injured in I-43 shootout, 12+ shots fired

Posted at 1:43 PM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 14:43:06-05

MILWAUKEE -- Deputies shut down a portion of I-43 south in Milwaukee Wednesday after a shootout on the freeway.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to calls about a shooting on the freeway in the Marquette Interchange near Highland Avenue around 10:10 a.m. 

Officials said more than a dozen shots were fired into a vehicle in an exchange of gunfire with another vehicle. One occupant was grazed by a bullet.  Four subjects are in custody. 
The closure shut down Fond du Lac Avenue to Becher Street for about two and a half hours.

The Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division responded to four separate scenes where four vehicles were potentially involved in the incident. 

  • A male victim was driving a rental vehicle and stopped near 10th and Walker streets. Deputies recovered a weapon and arrested the driver and a male passenger. 
  • MPD initiated a traffic stop at 17th and State streets on a vehicle with bullet damage and arrested two of the four occupants after a foot chase.
  • A subject abandoned a stolen car in the Marquette Interchange and fled on foot, and it is not yet known if he is involved in the shooting incident. Deputies found drugs in the car. 
  • A fourth vehicle’s tire was blown out by a bullet and the driver exited at Plankinton Ave.
Shell casings and bullet fragments were recovered as deputies canvassed I-43 southbound from Fond du Lac to Becher.
The incident resulted in long delays for drivers.

“We’ve been waiting like 15 minutes just in this road right here, so it’s been pretty bad," Anna Bautista said.

Drivers got off the freeway, some without a clue where to go next. There were no detours posted. Some were relying on their GPS to navigate through downtown Milwaukee.

As Lisa Long got to the corner of 6th and McKinley, a semi driver turning right hit her driver's side door, shattering her window.

"I had to scoot over to the passenger side so he wouldn't cut my head off," Long said.

But the semi didn't stop there. It kept moving.

Regina Huebner was walking down the street and saw it happen. 

“And it was just crazy, just crazy to watch it happen and like wow," she said.

The semi hit two other vehicles, and rolled over one more.

"The semi was making a right turn and he just cut it too short I'm assuming, and he took that car, then it was just like a line, the cars just piled up underneath," Huebner said.

The driver of that semi was headed down from Saukville when he was diverted off the freeway.  He remained on the scene.

One woman was injured.  She was headed home after shoulder surgery, and was taken away by ambulance after the vehicle she was riding in was also involved in that semi accident at 6th and McKinley.