Dentists warn teeth could fall out with new online trend "DIY Braces"

Posted at 6:06 AM, Apr 09, 2018

WEST MILWAUKEE -- Dentists are warning people about an online trend that could cause your teeth to fall out.

"DIY Braces" have gained popularity, especially among school-aged children. From fishing wire to rubber bands, children are sharing elaborate ways they make their own braces.

Which makes Doctor Donald Gundlach with Dental Associates, cringe.

"You open a bag of rubber bands, I guarantee you that it's very contaminated with bacteria," said Dr. Gundlach. "As soon as you cut your gums all that bacteria is in your bloodstream."

The doctor explains rubber bands can damage your gums, "To the point that they could actually squeeze the tooth right out of their jaw."

The doctor's parting advice: "Don't take your medical advice from an 11-year-old."

Most dentist officers will offer your child free consultation and payment plan for professional braces.