Milwaukee man charged with 3 felonies after fight with Milwaukee Police officers

Family says he had mental health issues
Posted at 9:46 AM, May 07, 2018

MILWAUKEE – A 25-year-old Milwaukee man is charged with three felonies after a fight with Milwaukee Police officers. 

Demetrious Lowe was charged with three counts of “battery to law enforcement officer.”

Last Wednesday, Milwaukee police were called out to 51st and Capitol after Lowe's girlfriend called 911, saying he was being violent and had possibly had been drugged.

His family tells TODAY'S TMJ4 that he was suffering from mental health issues during the incident. 

According to the criminal complaint, police were informed by citizens that Lowe “had kicked in their door and he was walking northwest wearing a blue shirt” when they arrived at the scene.  Police then approached Lowe and saw that he was bleeding from his left arm. 

The criminal complaint states police ordered the Lowe to stop and an officer attempted to take control of his right arm -- and another officer attempted to take control of his left arm.  Lowe pulled away from the officers and flailed his arms then balled his fists, stared at an officer and began to walk directly at them.

The officer tried to use pepper spray to stop him -- but it did not affect him.  Lowe then punched the officer in the face and knocked them into the street. That officer suffered a broken mustache bone from the hit.

Lowe began to run and the officers pursued him. Another officer suffered a broken mustache bone from being hit by the Lowe.

The complaint states all three officers surrounded the defendant near 3945 N. 51st St. They struck him with a baton to try to stop him. Lowe turned to face one of the officers and punched them above the left eye and knocked him to the ground -- and then Lowe punched the officer in the head. 

Another officer responded to the scene and positioned himself behind Lowe. Lowe turned around while the officer was behind him and Lowe struck him in the face.  The officer fell from the hit – and suffered a left thumb sprain from the incident. 

Milwaukee Police say three officers are on administrative duty and one other officer is suspended with pay while the incident is being investigated.

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