Delafield group already camped out for Black Friday sales

Posted at 12:15 PM, Nov 21, 2016

Four days before Thanksgiving, a group of shoppers are already camped out in front of the Best Buy in Delafield to be first in line for sales.

Mike Frankie and his friends actually arrived on Thursday, seven days before Thanksgiving.

"Everyone thinks we're kinda nuts and we probably are a little," said Frankie. "There's seven of us total, but we take off for a little bit at a time. We leave for an hour here or there. There's always two or three of us here, we never leave for more than a few hours."

The group of diehard shoppers are now good friends, but they were strangers ten years ago, meeting in line.

"We still come out here for the good deals, but I met all these people ten years ago and we've become a family.
We do other things besides this. We do Haunted Houses together, we do Christmas together, we do lots of things, but this is our big one," said Frankie.

Inside their tent are all the comforts of home: A queen bed, a microwave, a television, and most importantly, a heater.

"We're not missing out on the things we want anymore. The first year we got here too late. The next year we were fifth in line. Now,  we're  first in line every year. We get what we want." said Frankie.

The Best Buy in Delafield opens at 5:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. The group is in line to buy a 50-inch TV , tablets and laptops.