Delafield grocery store tries to find owner of lost wedding ring

Ring found outside store in April
Posted at 9:16 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-14 23:52:00-04

What is usually someone's most prized possession is sitting in a Delafield grocery store's lost and found after a  wedding ring was turned into the customer service counter five months ago. Now the store's owners are going public, hoping someone will recognize the ring.

The Sentry Albretch's Delafield Market at 3255 Golf Road is used to having quite a few things end up in its missing items.

"We have cell phones, but typically sunglasses and shoes from kids and things like that," said one of the store's owners, Kerry Jeanpierre.

Jewelry is common, but nothing tends to sit in the lost and found area for very long.

"We were kinda shocked that a month went by, the second month, and by the third month we were like, 'What do we do?'" Jeanpierre said.

The owners decided to distribute photos of the ring in the hopes that someone will recognize it. The wedding band and engagement ring are soldered together, and there are a few things engraved on it.

"We are going to ask them what is engraved in the ring," Jeanpierre said, explaining how they'll determine the rightful owner.

It is not uncommon to find rings, bracelets and even watches in the produce section. They've found wedding rings in the past when it pops off when people reach in and grab fruit or vegetables. But this time, the ring was found in the store's parking lot, sitting on the ground on a rainy April day.

The store owners don't think it was out there that long, but they're not sure how it fell off someone's finger. A customer brought it inside saying he had seen something sparkling on the ground, and hoped they could find who it belonged to.

"We truly feel bad, because some woman out there is frantic and assumes they've lost it, and our goal is to make sure they find the owner," Jeanpierre said.

Anyone with information about the ring's owner is asked to contact Sentry store at 262-646-9483 or email Kerry Jeanpierre at