Delafield Elementary School evacuated after false lockdown

It was 2 hours before the last students went home
Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 17, 2017

Delafield Elementary School was evacuated Friday in what later was called a false alarm.

The school went into lockdown after a panic-button trigger was initiated about 15 minutes to dismissal time.

"Attention students we are now in lockdown, please hide and make sure no one can see you," said fifth grader Korey Miller, recalling the school's loudspeaker audio.

The school said the students did exactly what they've been taught.

"We all had to hide and the police were in the hallways but we weren't sure if it was them or not," said Jessica Heckenkamp, another student.

Miller called it frightening, but luckily the only people in the school were the good guys.

"Let's just keep looking is there a problem, is there a problem, and eventually you get to a point where there is or there isn't and in this case we were fortunate there was no real issue," said City of Delafield Police Chief Erik Kehl.

Kehl said they treat every alarm as a real one, even if they find it false. Once police secure the school and surrounding area, everyone is evacuated and taken to a different location.

"We needed to make sure that we took attendance of all of the people- not just students, adults and students, we needed to make sure that we weren't missing anyone before we would release them so it takes time," said Pat Deklotz, Superintendent for Kettle Moraine School District.

It was two hours before the last students went home to their parents. Despite their fears when it happened, the students are looking on the bright side.

"It made me feel safe," Heckenkamp said.

The question remains how the school's panic button was triggered.

"We don't know how it happened yet, but I can tell you we do have camera systems. So, I am confident we will learn and hopefully we'll learn from that," Deklotz said.