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Debate continues over Kopp's new bun with online petition

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Posted at 7:58 AM, Feb 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-19 08:58:57-05

Kopp's Frozen Custard is best known for, well, its custard, but lately fans of the restaurant are concerned about something else, the bun.

Recently, Kopp's has made the decision to switch out the buns on their burgers, and some people are really not OK with it.

Reddit users expressed their feelings about the bun switch on a thread entitled, "We need to talk about Kopp's new buns for their burgers."

User 'steppedinhairball' said the new bun reduces the overall taste experience by about 5%, while other users were more hopeful. 'Opinionavigator' said, "Maybe we'll get used to it?"

Clearly this situation has hit Milwaukee hard, so hard that there's now a petition in place to bring back the previous bun.

"We the people, would like Kopp's to bring the old bun back, and put them back on top for Wisconsin's best burger," reads the petition homepage.

So far, just over 40 people have signed to bring back the old bun. The goal of the petition is to reach 100 signatures.

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