Dealership owner jailed for a week for Facebook Live without charges on file

Owner accused of potential child abuse charge
Posted at 8:47 PM, Jun 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-05 22:21:53-04

MILWAUKEE -- The man who publicly shamed a suspected car thief on Facebook Live was released from jail after charges were never filed.

Billy Cannon was wanted for allegedly abusing a child, and last month he turned himself into police after he confronted a teen he accused of stealing one of the cars from his dealership, Leader Luxury Motors. He recorded his tough love talk on Facebook Live, which went viral.

"He needed to hear what I had to say and most importantly I wanted him to feel [it]," he said.

Thousands saw the public shaming on Facebook Live, and it caught the eye of Milwaukee police. Detectives quickly started to investigate possible child abuse charges.
In the video, the boy’s sweatshirt appears to be bloody and there are several scratches on his neck and face. When asked if he touched the child, Cannon responded, "Not at all, not once. "
Nevertheless, Cannon spent a week locked up.
"Because I had the summary charge the PO placed a hold on me,” he said. “And that is why I was in there as long as I was."

Milwaukee police said in an email they recommended charges but the district attorney declined to charge Cannon. The DA's office said without an identified victim, no charges would be filed.

Cannon is now trying to move on and run his business without the worry of thieves breaking in.
"You don't have to go that route. I have proven it, I have showed you guys, I came home with nothing,” Cannon said. “You just got to be determined, persistent and sacrifice and get your hands dirty."