Cruz focuses on jobs, security in WI rally

Posted at 2:27 PM, Mar 29, 2016

BROOKFIELD -- Crowds cheered loudly at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts Thursday morning in Brookfield for Senator Ted Cruz.

Supporters received the news they were expecting: Governor Scott Walker announced on 620 WTMJ Radio Tuesday morning that he believes Cruz is the best-positioned candidate to take on democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Cruz is also backed by former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

“You can take it to the bank. The fact that Ted Cruz has enemies is demonstration of the fact that he has fought the system. He will fight the system, and what we need is a fearless fighter in Washington D.C. to fight that system,” Fiorina said to a cheering crowd.  

With the support of two big Republican heavyweights, Cruz walked on stage confident he could win Wisconsin.

“God bless the great state of Wisconsin,” Cruz said as he walked on stage. “God bless Governor Scott Walker.”

Cruz focused on three main issues -- jobs, the country's security and protecting Christian values.

“You want to see the economy take off," he said. "It's real simple, take the boot of the federal government off the back of the necks of small business.”

Cruz has zig-zagged across Wisconsin reminding voters that in the Badger State he is neck and neck with his opponent Donald Trump. 

“This election will be decided friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor," Cruz said. "Each of you talking to your friends and loved ones.”

Senator Ted Cruz reiterated his proposal, saying he wants to have a debate with Donald Trump tonight at the CNN town hall in Milwaukee.

“You know what we should be doing? As any candidate running for president, we owe it to the people of this state to come in front of you, to look you in the eyes, to answer your questions and to actually debate," he said.