Crop circles found on Wisconsin farm?

With solar eclipse fever sweeping across the country, one Colgate family's minds went out of this world when the saw the corn field behind their home.

The Rafn family noticed a tremendous amount of downed corn in the field behind their house. Immediately, their teenage son began thinking of what it could be.

"I thought there could have been a thousand different ways this could happen," Casey Rafn said. "I like to think aliens but I don't want to think there's aliens also because I live right there and it could be kind of scary."

"Whatever it had, had tremendous force to it by the fact the corn is not knocked over," Brian Rafn, Casey's father said. "It's actually crushed. I told the sheriff, it's like putting the USS Nimitz in the cornfield."

As it turns out, aliens did not land in Colgate, WI. According to the National Weather Service, storms from last week could have created a down burst. In such a case, strong, downward currents of air fall from a cloud and because the air has nowhere to go but outward, it can create a circular pattern, similar to what the downed corn behind the Rafn's home looked like.

Though Casey had hoped there would be a kernel of truth in what he thought happened to the corn field.

"If it's just a down burst, I think I'll be a little bummed out but a little relieved at the same time," Casey said. "I'm afraid I'm going to look out my window the next day and there are going to be seven FBI cars in the corn field or something like that. I hope not."

The Washington Co. Sheriff told the Rafn's the corn field behind their home isn't the only one they've seen. At least four others around the area have similar damage.


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