Court recording details Milwaukee women's restraining order request denial

The victim was killed in her home weeks later
Posted at 7:02 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 20:18:10-04

Less than a month before a Milwaukee mother was found burned and shot in her home, she sought a restraining order against her husband but that request was denied.

Tyvitta Dischler was found dead in a Milwaukee home this week. We obtained audio recordings of the hearing, in which you can hear Dischler, her husband and the court commissioner.

“When I went to sleep I woke up with two blows to the head with a rolling pin..." Dischler said.

During an injunction hearing for a restraining order, Dischler described a scary situation with her husband.

"I was fighting for my life for about five to 10 minutes," she said.

She was trying to leave her husband, but in the hearing he denied everything.

"This is just ridiculous, if she wanted a divorce she didn't didn’t have to do this, she could've just said 'hey I want a divorce' and I would have given her one, but all of this is just ridiculous," said her husband.

By the end of the hearing, the court commissioner denied Dischler's request.

“You’re giving me one story, he's telling me another, I don’t get what’s what. You know what I’m saying?” said the court commissioner.

"I understand," she replied.

Dischler died just weeks after the commission denied the request. TODAY’S TMJ 4 went to speak to that commissioner but was told he was off Friday afternoon. However, if he was there, he wouldn't be able to make a comment because of the rules of judicial ethics.

Carmen Pitre with Sojourner Truth Family Peace Center detailed what good concrete evidence victims’ should have before taking their case to court.

"I think dates and times and information about circumstances. I always think it’s good to report to law enforcement if you can, I would say any hard evidence, letters, text messages, witnesses that you can bring with you to help you," Pitre said.

We have not named the 49-year-old suspect because he hasn't been charged. If you're a victim of domestic violence and you need help to get out of a situation, you can find resources to help you on Sojourner Truth Family Peace Center’s website.