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Coronavirus in Wisconsin: 13 of 15 test results come back negative

Posted at 2:17 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 15:54:52-05

WISCONSIN — 15 Wisconsinites have been under investigation for coronavirus, but officials say 13 of them have been cleared with negative test results.

The Department of Health Services says test results of 13 Wisconsinites have come back negative for the 2019 novel coronavirus. The other two include one positive result in Dane County,and one that is still pending.

On a conference call Monday, health officials reiterated the fact that your chances of contracting the virus are low. In order to limit your chances of contracting any kind of respiratory virus, make sure to take basic preventative measures like washing your hands and covering your cough.

The patient in Dane County, whose result came back as positive, remains under isolation in order to prevent the spread of infection. It is unclear how long they will be in isolation.

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