Residents mixed on cool weather in August

Posted at 4:25 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 17:25:55-04

The warm and humid summer-like stretch has come to an end for now.

It appears someone told parts of Wisconsin to chill out today with temperatures dipping into the 50's this morning.

People working out at Veterans Park had to bundle up.

"I was really surprised this morning. I woke up and I saw the weather. I was wondering if I should wear a jacket.
I see a lot of people wearing jackets today," said Joe Laurendi.

In Riverwest, Lexi Peterson grabbed a jacket to walk her dog Grettel.

It doesn't feel like the dog days of summer right now and that's OK with Lexi and her four-legged friend.

"She's not panting. Usually by this time, she has her tongue hanging out. She can't wait to get home and get water," said Lexi Peterson.

At Fuel Cafe, on Center Street, the drink of choice this morning piping hot coffee.

"People are getting bigger coffees and are in more of a hurry. They want to drink it faster than usual. I don't think we'll sell a lot of ice things today," said Cory von Bohlen with Fuel Cafe.

The cool summer won't last for long, Friday night we'll begin to see clearing skies.

There's a chance for showers both Saturday and Sunday.