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Construction crew strikes gas line in Greendale

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 20:17:11-04

Work to replace aging water mains around historic Broad Street in Greendale is causing headaches for neighbors. 

On Friday morning, a contractor struck a gas line in the area. 

Capt. Michael Schmitt, of the Greendale Fire Department, said five homes were evacuated for approximately 15 minutes while first responders monitored gas levels in the area. 

"First thing we do is call our dispatcher and get wind speeds and direction so we know which way the gas is going to be migrating," Schmitt said. "We monitored all the houses upwind. We had no readings inside any of the structures."

According to We Energies, this is the second time construction crews struck a gas line in the area. There was a similar incident on May 30. 

"It's something we're on heightened alert about when they're doing that construction work," Schmitt said. 

At Sugar & Flour Bakery, worker Andrea Salter said she smelled Friday morning's gas leak. 

"It kind of just smelled like eggs," Salter said. 

She added, in addition to the two incidents involving gas lines, the bakery also lost power one day during the construction. 

"It's kind of hectic with all the construction going on," Salter said. "You come into work and you don't know what to fully expect." 

Salter said she's grateful no one was left injured by Friday morning's gas leak.

"It's definitely luck because we do run a bunch of ovens, and we have stoves and burners in the back," Salter said.