Congressman Sensenbrenner continues town hall meetings filled with discourse and disagreement

Posted at 10:09 PM, Mar 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-04 23:20:47-05

DELAFIELD -- Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner has hosted more than 30 town hall meetings already this year, and he has several others scheduled this month.

“The fact that he has a gavel and is trying to shut us up as if the man is Judge Judy, we pay his salary," Khary Penebaker said.

"He has the ability to sit in that seat because we pay him to do that," Penebaker continued. 

Khary Penebaker is a resident of Waukesha County. He says he doesn't agree with the way Congressman Sensenbrenner conducts his town hall meetings. Thus, he chose to be very vocal about it.

“He doesn’t get to shut us up," Penebaker said.

"He doesn’t get tell us to be quiet like we’re his children. That’s not how this works, and I’m not going to accept that," he continued.

Discourse isn't unusual at a Sensenbrenner town hall meeting especially his year with an increase in crowd size. The congressman attributes the large turnout to the growing questions and concerns his constituents now have under a new administration.

“There are a lot of people who have questions some of this is organized," Congressman Sensenbrenner said.

"But not all of it and maybe to the people who are responding to an organized effort they haven’t heard the other side of the story," he continued.

Congressman Sensenbrenner went on to suggest his town hall meetings allow people a chance to hear and confront issues, but Delafield common council member, Jacquelyn Valde said she isn't sure how effective these meetings really are.

“I’m not sure he’s actually listening completely nor does he actually answer the questions because there’s not a lot of time for give and take," Valde said.

Congressman Sensenbrenner is scheduled to host his next town hall meeting Sunday in Juneau.

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