Community reaches out to help Burlington flood victims

Posted at 10:23 PM, Jul 13, 2017

Flood victims in Burlington are getting some much needed help.

"We're in a unique and a very blessed position to be able to help people in the community with this kind of thing," said Ben Mitchell, Southern Lakes Area Love, Inc.

Burlington non-profit Love Inc. had to throw out a lot of donated goods because of flood damage, but the organization is still open.

"We have a lot of nice dry clothes in all different sizes, we have household goods, things like chairs and couches and furniture were able to obviously help people with food that's a big thing," Mitchell said.

A couple struggling with severe health problems said no AC made it worse.

"We had a hard time making it through the night," said Michelle Eterno.

Love Inc. hooked the family up with food and a couple nights in a hotel. The nonprofit is accepting donations. Their biggest need is non-perishable food.

To find out how to help Love, Inc. visit their website.

A Red Cross water truck is expected to be at the facility Friday morning.

"Everybody in this town are wonderful we all are sticking together it's just great," said Patty Hansen.

Hansen was thrilled for a chance to charge her phone, thanks to U.S. Cellular.

"What we're hoping is is that they'll drop their phones off go shopping so we can charge it while they're shopping and then we will send them home with a wall charger or a vehicle charger," said Katelynn Krefft of U.S. Cellular.

You can get charging gear at the following Burlington locations Friday from 9am-noon.

  • U.S. Cellular agent store, Talk of The Town: 1709 Milwaukee Ave.
  • Gooseberries Fresh Food Market: 690 W. State Street

Local grocery store Gooseberries is pitching in as well.

"We're trying to do everything we can there's a lot of volunteers, a lot of firefighters making sandwiches for them," said Michael Sliegelhoff of Gooseberries.

Roundy's donated 5,000 gallons of water to the area and fed the national guard Thursday.

"We're Wisconsin proud we've been around 145 years and we just feel if you're in the community you need to be a part of it," said Jim Hyland of Roundy's.

The Red Cross set up an emergency shelter at Burlington High School Thursday night.

"There's been a lot of expressed need for a place to go a lot of people's homes are flooded they can't stay there no power," said Christopher Bach with the Red Cross.

People can sleep at the school and they'll find food and other resources.

"We're also someone to talk to. It's a pretty traumatic experience especially if you've lost a lot of your possessions, memories, treasures so we're that shoulder to lean on and somebody that can listen," Bach said.

The Red Cross will be at Burlington High School as long as they're needed.

For questions about getting help call TODAY’S TMJ4 Call 4 Action Office at 414-967-5495 or email