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Community members lend a hand, help shovel snow

Posted at 5:54 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 20:04:07-05

MILWAUKEE — Even in the worst winter can throw at us, people across southeastern Wisconsin do not hesitate to help each other.

The latest storm left several inches of snow on the ground across Milwaukee and prompted Cullen Folts to test out his new snowblower.

"It helped definitely," said Folts. "The last two spots I did I had to pull it out. My back could not handle it."

Folts has become known for shoveling driveways and sidewalks for free and only taking money if neighbors can afford it. News of his good deeds spread and lead Briggs and Stratton to send him a new snowblower.

On Tuesday his kids tagged along as he put his new wheels to the test. He said it was easier than shoveling but still hard work.

"The snow is so deep so heavy," he said. "It definitely helped but I think the snowblower is ready to call it quits."

The elements challenged him and his van, but Folts said he was determined to keep working.

"By helping others I'm helping myself," said Folts."It's helping me become a better father a better son. I'm becoming a better member of society."

Good deeds spread past the Milwaukee city limits.

Members of Wilmot Union High School's varsity football team spent their snow day tackling driveways from Trevor and Silver Lake to Twin Lakes, clearing snow in minutes. One of their coaches said they hit 30 houses.

"A lot of people trying to offer us money but we're not taking it it's just community service," said Kevin Brenner, a senior at Wilmot Union High School.

"That was awesome," said Kim Youra, one of the surprised homeowners in Twin Lakes. "That was good surprise. We were just talking about how great it would be if somebody came by with a plow like literally two minutes before they came."

The teens and Folts show how even in the gray of winter you can find a bright spot.