Community gathers at stop the violence rally

Posted at 11:56 AM, May 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-22 12:56:21-04
MILWAUKEE -- Saturday marked the second annual "International Stop The Violence Prayer" Day.  
People in 54 countries participated.
Organizers said the event got its start in Milwaukee and they're proud of that because they're reaching people who need peace.
"Four years ago, my daughter was running with the wrong crowd and she made a terrible decision," Delonda Davis said.
Thirteen-year-old Illahje Davis stole a car in 2012 that crashed and killed Ronald Robes on his bike.
"Everyday I do think about the victim as well so, for me, this is like therapy," Delonda Davis said.
Delonda Davis joined hundreds of people at 4th and Meinecke Saturday to pray for peace. It's just a mile from where Za'layia Jenkins lost her life watching TV. Her killer remains at-large.
"We need to be more mindful of the hurt that we're causing within our community, the lives that are being lost," said Pastor Charles Watkins of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church.
The problem is worldwide.
"Black lives do matter. Am I right?  Yea. Well then let's act like it and stop shooting each other," Community Activist Tracey Dent said.
Nigeria and Kenya were among 54 countries that held peace rallies Saturday, as well.
"We have to show the youth that we do care, and there's things to do outside of robbing people, stealing cars, and crashing and hurting people," Dent said. "It is so tragic out here and it's so depressing."
Many members in the hurting community said they need the violence to stop.
"I feel like I've given back, I feel like my job is never done now. I must give back," Davis said.