Common Council votes to ban food trucks from Brady Street

Awaits the mayor's signature
Posted at 11:00 PM, Mar 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 10:32:46-04

Food trucks could soon be banned from Brady Street. Milwaukee alderman unanimously approved the ban Tuesday morning, and now, it just needs to be signed off by Mayor Tom Barrett.

Restaurant owners along Brady Street pay more than just property taxes. They’re also part of the Brady Street Business Improvement District, which means they contribute to regular improvements to the area.

That’s why many of them don’t think it’s fair that food trucks can come take-up parking spots in front of their businesses, and compete for their customers.

“I love seeing food trucks in our city,” says Matthew Jacobchick, the manager of La Masa. “There are plenty of places that a food truck can go that are still near the restaurants, and still part of the community, without affecting the businesses that are already established there.”

The owners of the Gouda Girls food truck agree that a food truck should never park in front of a business. However, they do believe there’s enough from for both brick and mortar restaurants and food trucks in all areas of our city. They say the two cater to different clientele. Ultimately, it comes down to open communication, and respect for each other and all businesses.

“Trucks pay a lot of money for permits, licensing, fees,” says Katherine Tonn, one of the co-owners of Gouda Girls. “I’m sure the little mom and pop cafe didn’t like it when McDonalds became a neighbor and offered fast food. It’s all change. It’s evolving. It’s what the public wants."


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